Brown Bag Luncheon Series

03/18/2013 Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR): NIH’s & NSF’s Implementation    
01/31/2013 IRB Approvals: What Are The Obligations of Investigator’s and the IRB in Maintaining Approval    
12/17/2012 Central Receipt of Subaward Invoices    
08/02/2012 COI Informational Session    
07/23/2012 COI Informational Session    
06/22/2012 Fly America Act & Open Skies    
04/25/2012 Sponsored Projects eForms    
03/07/2012 Salary Cap    
01/19/2012 Effort Reporting    
10/25/2011 Graduate Student Funding Overview    
07/20/2011 Gathering Information to Support Institutional Training Grant Applications    
06/21/2011 X-Train Lessons Learned Since Implementation    
05/24/2011 IRES Award Setup: End to End Process Review (One Year Later)    
04/30/2011 Human Participant Remuneration    
04/08/2011 ARRA Reporting Updates and Process Changes    
03/30/2011 NSF’s Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Regulations    
03/15/2011 PT View and Reporting Update    
02/23/2011 Subrecipient Invoice Receipt & Processing: 1 Year Later    
12/10/2010 Visting Students in Yale Research Laboratories    
11/18/2010 NIH xTrain    
10/27/2010 eShipGlobal for Shipping Research Materials    
09/07/2010 The Sponsored Award Setup Process    
08/16/2010 Transitioning Faculty Bibliography Management To NCBI    
07/15/2010 Award Closeout    
06/28/2010 Cost Transfers    
05/17/2010 Effort Reporting:Effective Departmental Practices    
04/30/2010 Human Participant Remuneration    
03/30/2010 NSF’s Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Regulations    
02/24/2010 Human Participant Remuneration    
01/25/2010 Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)    
12/09/2009 Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)    
11/16/2009 Subcontract Invoicing    
10/21/2009 Shipping Research Materials    
09/09/2009 Corporate Sponsored Research Contracts    
09/03/2009 ARRA Reporting, Part II    
08/01/2009 ARRA Reporting    
07/01/2009 Patent Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement    
06/01/2009 Corporate Sponsored Research Contracts    
04/01/2009 Corporate Sponsored Research Contracts    
03/01/2009 Audits and Assessments    
02/01/2009 Moveable Equipment Inventory    
01/01/2009 Management Challenges of Training grants    
12/01/2008 Effort Reporting System enhancements and updates    
11/01/2008 Top Grant Compliance Financial Risks    
09/01/2008 Export Controls at Yale    
05/01/2008 Internal Service Providers (ISPs)    
03/01/2008 Yale University Space Survey