ORA Newsletters Archive

ORA Newsletter Vol. 8 No.1

November/December 2013

  • NIH Issues Dual Use Research of Concern Policy
  • International Collaborations and Export Controls
  • HRPP Expanding Researcher Support
  • New eShipGlobal Features
  • Affordable Care Act Expands Coverage of Routine Costs Rendered under Approved Clinical Trials
  • The Importance of Understanding the Export Control Regulations

ORA Newsletter Vol. 7 Number 2
May/June 2013

  • The National Science Board (NSB) Task Force Studies Faculty Administrative Load
  • NSF FastLane and Research.gov Changes
  • A New Resource for Institutions to Track Public Access Compliance
  • Wishing Penny Cook a Happy and Health Retirement

ORA Newsletter Vol. 7 Number 1

  • NIH Public Access Requirements and Approval of Continuation Applications
  • NIH Clarifies PHS COI Rules Regarding Travel
  • FAQ’s About the PHS COI Disclosure Process
  • IACUC Posts Transportation Guidelines for Animals
  • IRES Proposal Development Update
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Module

ORA Newsletter Vol 6 Number 4

  • Yale’s Implementation of the Revised PHS Objectivity in Research Regulations
  • Information Security Requirements
  • Is Your Informed Consent Language Current?
  • Training In The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Yale’s Online “International Toolkit” Goes Live
  • IRES Proposal Development System Pilot

ORA Newsletter Vol. 6 Number 3

  • FDP Faculty Workload Survey
  • Federal Funding for Science and Engineering Research FY 2013
  • NIH and NSF Adjustments to Fiscal Policy FY 2013
  • The New Director of the Human Subjects Protection Program (HRPP)
  • IRES Proposal Development Progress

ORA Newsletter Vol 6 Number 2

  • DHHS Amends Financial Conflict of Interest Regulations
  • License Requirements for Interactions with Embargoed
  • ORA Newsletter Survey

ORA Newsletter Vol. 6 Number 1

  • Yale Responds to a Request for Information
  • Yale Faculty Insights on NIH Review Criteria and Grant Preparation
  • IRES Proposal Development
  • A New Resource Page for Responible Conduct of Research
  • A New Half Day Program on Research Compliance for Administrators

ORA Newsletter Vol. 5 Number 4

  • NIH Grant Funding Impacted by Continuing Resolution
  • Reminders on Export Controls at Yale
  • Yale HRPP Program Granted Accreditation
  • IRES Update

ORA Newsletter Vol. 5 Number 3

  • Change In eRA Commons Error Correction Window
  • Minors Working In Research Laboratories
  • PI Responsibilities Of Reporting Of Animal Protocol Changes
  • Joining the NIH xTrain

ORA Newsletter Vol. 5 Number 2

  • NSF Revised Proposal And Award Policies And Procedures
  • NSF Data Management Plans
  • Ensuring Continuing Approval Of Human Subjects Research
  • IRES - PT View Deployment

ORA Newsletter Vol. 5 Number 1

  • Yale’s Research Affiliate Rank Redefined
  • ORA Welcomes Michael Glasgow
  • NCBI Portal
  • NIH’s New Policy for Budgeting & Reimbursement Of Gene Array’s
  • IRES Update

ORA Newsletter Vol. 4 Number 5

  • FAS And FES “9-over-9” Salary Program
  • Information Security Requirements: What You Should Know
  • COI Corner
  • First Phase Leading to HRPP Accreditation

ORA Newsletter Vol. 4 Number 4

  • NSF’s Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Requirement and Beyond
  • Revised Disclosure Requirements for COI
  • New Technologies for the Research Enterprise

ORA Newsletter Vol. 4 Number 3

  • Shipping and/or Exporting Research Materials
  • Human Subjects Grant Protocol Congruency
  • ORA and ORCE Welcome Penny Cook

ORA Newsletter Vol. 4 Number 2

Sept/Oct 2009

  • Yale University HRPP Applying for Accreditation
  • National Science Foundation’s RCR Requirement
  • Can a Post Doctoral Fellow Receive Additional Compensation?
  • Research Administration Training Opportunities

ORA Newsletter Vol. 4 Number 1

  • Patent Policy Acknowledgement & Agreement Requirements
  • Office of Research Compliance
  • E-Verify to be Implemented
  • Checklist for Faculty Leaving Yale

ORA Newsletter Vol. 3 Number 5

  • Program Income
  • Upcoming Reaccreditation of the Animal Program at Yale
  • NIH Policy Concerning Career Development (K) Awards
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Export Control FAQs

ORA Newsletter Vol. 3 Number 4

  • Coeus eIRB Simplifies Human Research Protocol Submissions
  • Registration Process for NIH Peer Reviewer Reimbursement
  • Conflict of Interest Responsibilities
  • Congruency Review of Human Subjects Protocols and Research Proposals

ORA Newsletter Vol. 3 Number 1

  • ERS Update
  • Export Controls at Yale and Faculty Research
  • Export Controls FAQs

ORA Newsletter Vol. 1
Nov/Dec 2006

  • Expenditure Review Panel
  • Allowable Direct Costs on Federal Awards
  • OMB Circular A-21 Exhibit C
  • Grants Management Training for Business Office Staff
  • New Facilities and Administrative Rate Agreement with DHHS